Introducing Scattergun

posted by Ayush Newatia on September 13th, 2021
Most mailing list apps are filled with a plethora of features geared towards marketers. They're also steeped in invasive tracking that can detect when, where and how many times a reader opened an email without them ever knowing. What if all you want to do is send emails to your mailing list without spying on your subscribers? There's really not a lot out there! That's why I built Scattergun.

Scattergun's two core tenets are simplicity and privacy. No matter how the product develops over time; these two tenets will never ever be compromised. A drop-in widget lets you collect email addresses on your website and you can email your list by simply sending an email to an alias! There's absolutely no tracking of any kind either.

Sending emails

The mailing list dashboard view

Just author your email using your favourite client and send it to the alias shown on your dashboard. Scattergun will tack on an unsubscribe link and distribute it to your list. If you'd like to double check the formatting, you can just add a +inspect suffix to your alias and Scattergun will process the email and bounce it back to you instead of distributing it.

The Scattergun "unsubscribe" banner

Collecting email addresses

To allow your readers to subscribe to your list, you can use Scattergun's embeddable widget (implemented as a JavaScript custom element) on your website. It's quite flexible so you can use a pre-styled form, style it yourself via CSS or even inject your own HTML markup! The detailed instructions are available once you create your mailing list.

A styled Scattergun subscription form

Scattergun costs $5/month per mailing list but you can use it for free until you hit 100 subscribers. After which you won't be able to email your list until you pay; but people will still be able to subscribe to your list. So if you've got a project coming up in the future for which you'd like to collect email addresses; Scattergun is perfect as you'd only need to start paying when you start emailing! You can sign up here.

I hope you decide to give Scattergun a try! If you have any questions or feedback, please do get in touch with me at

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