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How Scattergun sends emails on your behalf
Scattergun offers you two options for sending email. You can send from your own email address or from a Scattergun generated email address. 

But, how can Scattergun send an email from someone's personal email address without asking for their password or any kind of authorisation whatsoever? Before we can get into that, let's backtrack and bit and go over how email actually works.

What is an email anyway?

Email's been around since the 70s and initially, it wasn't really designed to be secure. A raw email is just a plain text file and would look something like this:

From: John
Ethically gauging user engagement on your newsletter
Spy pixels, click tracking and other invasive data hoarding methods are par for the course in most mailing list or newsletter apps these days. The problem is these methods have no respect for the reader's privacy. Even worse, this practice is not GDPR compliant so you'd be breaking EU law by using these methods.

Take spy pixels for example; they can let the sender of an email know how many people opened their email, where they opened the email and how many times they opened the email with the reader being none the wiser. That's just downright creepy! That's why…
Introducing Scattergun
Most mailing list apps are filled with a plethora of features geared towards marketers. They're also steeped in invasive tracking that can detect when, where and how many times a reader opened an email without them ever knowing. What if all you want to do is send emails to your mailing list without spying on your subscribers? There's really not a lot out there! That's why I built Scattergun.

Scattergun's two core tenets are simplicity and privacy. No matter how the product develops over time; these two tenets will never ever be compromised. A drop-in widget lets you collect…

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